Technological advancement has resulted in a variety of vehicle accessories. A prime example of such is Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). The motor vehicle regulatory authority requires that all fleets of trucks install these devices. Today, more than 3 million drivers have installed ELDs in their trucks to stay compliant with regulations.

What exactly is an ELD?

This is a unique electronic device that is used as an accessory for commercial automobile carriers and professional truck drivers. It helps them to track their Hours of Service (HOS). Having this device in their trucks allows them to stay compliant. In addition to that, truck drivers can fulfill their Record of Duty Status (RODS) by recording their driving activity with ELDs.

Characteristics of an ELD

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) has some unique features. They include:

* The trucking Eld should connect to the truck’s engine to record if the automobile is in motion.

* The driver should be able to log into the ELD device and proceed to select options such as On-Duty, Off-Duty or On Duty Not Driving. Furthermore, the ELD should be able to choose driving segments automatically.

* An ELD should be able to present a Record of Duty Status (RODS) graphically. This is to help the driver to see the hours in a day quickly and effectively.

* An ELD should also be able to deliver e logs for owner-operators and the drivers in a standardized format. This data should also be transmitted to law enforcement officers in various ways. Examples of these are Bluetooth 2.0, Wireless Web Services and USB.

* The ELD should be certified by its provider such that it can meet the right specifications.

* An exciting feature of the ELDs is that they can be untethered from the truck’s cab for analysis with computers. By doing so, drivers can use data analytics software and mobile apps for information collection and management.

Cost of attaining and maintaining an ELD

Most ELDs cost a total of $495 per truck. This price is being reduced gradually by using software versions that run comfortably on smartphones and tablets instead of dedicated hardware.

ELDs are flexible. This is because they can easily be used in various types of vehicles using a variety of applications. The devices can be installed in small to medium-sized independent trucking companies as well as large national companies. In each case, the ELDs deliver a Return On Investment (ROI) in a concise period after installation.

Money savings for truck drivers facilitated by ELDs

Truck drivers can save a lot on paperwork costs by using ELDs. According to statistics, ELDs can help you to save $487 on driver filling RODS and $56 on submitting RODS. This device can also save $120 on Clerk filling rods. Moreover, by using an ELD, you can save $42 instead of using paper-based driver log books. Drivers can save up to $705 on paperwork annually by using ELDs!

Benefits of using Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

There are many advantages of using ELDs. They include:

* Versatility

These devices are versatile and can be used for fleet management.

* Reduced cost of fuel

ELDs allow fleet managers to monitor idle time and speeding activity of trucks. With this information, they can develop incentive programs that are geared toward increasing fuel efficiency.

* Reduced downtime for your trucks

According to strategic studies, fleet managers who use ELDs can reduce the vehicle downtime by 15%. They can also make use of electronic logging devices to boost vehicle efficiency by 13%.

* Overall reduction of crashes

By using ELDs, drivers can reduce the chances of accidents by 11.7%.

* Simpler compliance with regulations

Complying with the ELD mandate as suggested by the motor vehicle authority can help truck drivers to abide by other laws. Examples of these are Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports among others.

ELDs are an example of the implementation of technology in trucking. These devices assist drivers to have a smoother cargo hauling experience. They provide high tech solutions to truck driving data collection. It is important to note that trucks carrying sensitive cargo are categorized as Eld mandate exemptions. By using ELDs in your fleet, you can collect driver statistics easier and enjoy a wide range of other benefits!