Flatbed truck insurance packages are comprehensive and flexible. They extend from compulsory civil liability to optional legal protection in addition to covering material damage and providing assistance to insured vehicles and their crews.

The cover provided for material damage to your trucks is based on the policy contract. The principle of ‘all risk except’ means that everything not expressly excluded is covered. Policyholders are compensated for unforeseen and sudden damage to insured vehicles caused by a number of external causes. These include:

  • Fire, explosion, implosion
  • Accident, breakage, lightning or tipping
  • Damage caused by the goods being transported
  • Theft and carjacking

In the event of a covered loss, the insurer intervenes inter alia to cover the costs of temporary garage fees until the closure of the expert appraisal and the temporary or urgent repairs allowing the vehicle to operate. In case of theft of keys or remote control, the insurer will refund the cost of replacing these items.

The ‘all-risk except’ formula is automatically applied when claiming. Following an accident, the emergency assistance covers the services in favor of the crew members in case of bodily injury, towing, repatriation and guarding of the insured vehicle.

Roadside assistance

Would you like the most complete assistance possible for your trucks and crews? The roadside assistance formula offers the ideal complement to emergency assistance. The former offers assistance in case of mechanical failure and even puncture, logistical assistance to the crew with specific services in its favor.

Whatever the problem encountered by one of your vehicles, breakdown or accident, assistance on demand always finds a solution. All these services not insured in emergency assistance or roadside assistance can be arranged on request. The only condition is that your vehicle is insured under the flatbed insurance.

The assistance on demand puts a network of specialized service providers at the disposal of flatbed trucking companies and validates the total amount of the costs incurred.

Following an accident, your damaged truck is towed to the nearest garage. Towing costs are covered by the flatbed insurance company. The same applies to taking care of any medical expenses following an accident. If your truck is bogged down due to bad weather conditions, the insurer sends a vehicle to tow the truck.

To transport the goods of your customers, you must have a flatbed insurance that is in good standing. Truck insurance has some peculiarities compared to other insurances.

The rates for heavy goods vehicles are generally higher than other vehicles because of the risks associated with driving a truck are significant. This is due to the weight and size of the vehicle. If you want to pay the smallest possible deductible in the event of damage, you will have to pay more for your insurance. If the truck driver has experience, the insurance premium is generally lower than for a young truck driver, flatbed insurance can guarantee the goods transported.

When you take out your insurance policy, your insurer will ask for the driving license of drivers who will be driving the truck. You will have to ensure that nobody else uses the truck or your insurer could refuse to compensate in case of disaster.