The trucking industry is one that carries with it high vehicular risk just by virtue of the fleet being on the road as much and due to the transportation of goods and services. As such, it is important for small-business truckers, owner-operators, and small fleets to get high-quality owner operator truck insurance to meet the unique needs of the fleet and drivers. Below, are some options to look for when deciding on the best owner operator truck insurance for you. Take the time to scrutinize the following options, and match the owner operator truck insurance companies you are considering against the same.

What To Look For In An Owner Operator Truck Insurance Service

1. Range of options and available customization

The more options an owner operator truck insurance service or company can provide you with, the better. This is true for both standard and customized offerings. One or two standard options may not be fitted with the features needed to meet your owner operator needs. As such, a wide range of options, especially if some of the same can be customized to suit your unique operations and needs may just be what is needed. A wide range of options include both varying features, coverage and policy options, and varying price points. For example, convenient monthly payments may be available alongside large upfront ones.

2. Is customer-focused

Yes, it is true that companies enter business markets to make money and be profitable. Owner operator truck insurance coverage and policy provider companies are no different. Still, even with this mind, success and profits should not come at the expense of the customers. Therefore, as you seek out your owner operator truck insurance service providers, be sure to pay attention to their tone when they speak of their clientele and the services and coverage or policy options they provide. This will help determine if an owner operator truck insurance company is likely to value you and take into consideration the unique needs of your business and fleet.

Accessibility is another feature of customer-centric service offerings. Owner operator truck insurance companies that ensure the following are customer-centric:

– you have all the information you need about their services (both online and offline)

– are willing to answer all questions and address your concerns

– provide you with several options regarding securing the use of their services

3. Experience and certification

The experience that an owner operator truck insurance company has, will go a long way in determining the quality of their services and coverage or policy options. Companies and service providers with significant experience are likely to have just about ‘seen it all,’ and so are usually better equipped to provide you with the best possible options. In other words, they have had time to get it right, tweak what is available and make it even better. Of course, this is not to say that newer companies can’t provide equal value (number of years is not the only marker for experience). What must certainly be taken into consideration, however, is that the companies you are considering are certified by insurance licensing and governing bodies in your town, city and/or state. This must be present irrespective of the number of years in operation or even past successes. Current certification is a must-have. No compromise.