Long haul trucking is used to refer to where you embark on a long journey which involves the transport of goods by use of a truck. Long haul trucking involves coverage of hundreds of miles from your home terminal and during your journey; you are bound to face challenges due to threats on you or on your cargo. We have looked at a number of ways in which we can help you undertake your journey with peace of mind by offering you the following long haul trucking insurance benefits.

Physical damage

We understand that you could get into an accident during your journey where you could end up harming someone or the truck could get damaged in the process. With our insurance against physical damage, we will ensure that your truck gets towed from the accident site and we will cover you for repairs that will need to be done on the truck as well as the storage costs to be incurred. We also understand that in the case of damage to your truck you will not be on the road for a while and to ensure that your best interests are served, we will also cover you for any losses of income that you will incur while your truck is getting repaired.

Non-trucking liability

You may wish to use your truck for other purposes other than hauling and harm could come to you or the truck during such times. We will provide you with insurance to cover you against any losses and expenses that could come to you during non-trucking operations.

Occupational accident

As a driver, you will be exposed to a lot of threats while on the road such as accidents. Should you die or get injured while hauling, we have a program set to ensure that your family will benefit from coverage of burial expenses or medical expenses respectively. Our insurance also extends to ensuring that you get the financial aid that you deserve if you become disabled due to a hauling accident.

Workers’ Compensation

For some reason or the other such as ill health or injuries, you may have to be away from work for a while. Our long haul trucking insurance ensures that you are compensated for the wages lost during such times which will enable you to stay home until you recover.

Contingent liability

We will cover you against any harm that will come to a third party as a result of your long haul trucking.

We will also insure you in terms of buy back deductibles, primary liability and general liability as well as surety bonds. We determine the premiums payable by considering the type of cargo to be hauled, where the cargo will be hauled and the quality of your drivers and operation. Getting long haul trucking insurance today will save you a lot of headaches in future and you will be able to go about your business knowing that we have your back at every step.