LTL Insurance

LTL insurance (Less-Than-Truckload) trucking refers to trucking operations whereby relatively small loads are carried. Due to the flexibility of the loads to be carried, many deliveries can be made at a faster rate than other trucking operations. LTL trucking also faces challenges due to the many threats that it is exposed to such as theft and accidents which can affect your operations. To protect you from the effects of such incidents, we offer a variety of covers as listed below in a bid to make your operations much more fruitful.

Liability cover: when you get into an accident and you cause damage to another car or someone’s property, you will be liable to pay forltl insurance any expenses that they will incur in fixing their cars and property. To protect you from having to bear the brunt of such expenses, we offer you a liability cover against such expenses such that we will take on the responsibility of paying for the damages caused to other people’s property as a result of your actions.

A body injury cover is also included in the liability cover whereby if the extent of the damages that you caused extends to causing bodily harm to pedestrians or motorists, we will pay the medical bills for the injured parties.

Collision insurance: where you get into an accident through your fault, we will cover you against any losses accruing from damage to your car by paying for repair of your truck. We will go a step further and compensate you for the loss of income that you will suffer for the period when your truck is being worked on.

Comprehensive coverage: as an LTL trucking insurance provider, we know that your truck can also get damaged by other means other than collision which includes but are not limited to fire, theft and hitting of animals. We will cover the expenses required to either fix or replace your truck and we will compensate you for the loss of income that you will be exposed to as your truck gets fixed or replaced.

Cargo coverage: in the event that the cargo that you are hauling gets lost, damaged or stolen in the process, we will cover you against the loss you will suffer. We have options that you can choose from such that you can choose what type of cargo you want to insure and for how much.

Loading and unloading coverage: damage can come to the cargo during loading and unloading and we are here to protect you from incurring a loss as a result of the damage. This is important because cargo coverage does not extend to covering such damages.

Towing and storage: in the case of an accident, we will tow your truck and store it in a safe place at no charge as long as you have paid for this cover. If you wish to have us take care of debris removal at the accident site, you can get a debris removal cover and we will clean up the accident site.

Other types of coverage include combined deductibles, bobtail insurance and earned freight. LTL trucking is a very profitable venture and by taking advantage of our, you will be safeguarded from losses that could come about due to challenges during your operation.