The transportation of logs plays a vital role in the economy given that most of the products that make our homes habitable are made of wood. Due to this, tons of woods are hauled every day from one market to another depend on where the wood is required for further processing. This process of hauling demands for logging truck insurance to ensure that the wood is transported in a safer manner. Notably, the hauling of larger logs could seem such an easy task yet there are risks involved, making it one of the most dangerous freight haul in our modern roads today.

The Risk Involved in Log Truck Hauling

Logs are quite heavy . Depending on the tree from which it derived, a log mass of between 50 to 100 feet can weigh up to a ton each. This means that while on transit, the log could easily tip over and cause injuries to other motorists on the roads. Their sheer weight make them even more dangerous as compared to the other boxed loads.

Securely tying log loads have been effectively used for long in hauling logs. However, accidents still occur as there have been reports of securely tied logs bursting along the way causing fatalities to other motorists. Such incidents have involved rolling logs smashing into oncoming traffic, resulting into damages on other motor vehicles and even the motorists losing lives.

Therefore, in spite of the much precautions that loggers undertake to secure their logs on their trucks, accidents still happen. This is a reality that loggers must live with, especially when they are hauling logs for long distances across the country. Log truck insurance ensures that in the event of such eventuality, the log haulers do not suffer extensive damage in terms of financial liabilities.

There are several insurance companies that are providing coverage for log hauling. Each of them have got different packages to offer and it is therefore, important to look into them to make the most of their packages. So, what do you need to check out when looking for a logging trucker insurance?

Check the Benefits that Come with Their Packages

This is very important. You first need to consider whether the logging truck insurance offers you any direct benefits as the insured. Understanding the provisions in the log truck insurance package is certainly your first step in gaining from the cover. Never make the mistake of assuming that logging truck insurance is a mere formality that can be overlooked since it is not really needed. You never know when an accident or emergency will fall upon you, and in such event, the insurance cover will save you a lot of damages on your business.

Check the Quotes from Reputable Logging Insurance Companies

Beware that the cost of some similar polices could be lower as compared to those of the established insurance companies. You do not need to risk paying less with a company that has got little experience in these matters. You may be required to pay more for a particular policy with an established company. The advantage is that such established entities offer you a level of confidence that the other less established companies cannot.

Commit Yourself to the Insurance Cover of Your Choice

You have understood what insurance covers are available for your log hauling business and you have settled on one that best reflects your interests. Many are turned away by the cost of the insurance cover and opt for cheaper options which do not offer much in case of an accident or emergency. You need not settle for less when it comes to the safety and protection of your business. Have the satisfaction of always knowing your assets and employees are comprehensively covered and this is only possible through purchasing an insurance cover that is comprehensive, most of which come at a dear cost.

Check the Limitations of Your Coverage of Choice

It is quite easy for you to overlook the limitations that are inherent in your log truck insurance of choice whenever you sign a policy agreement. You need to ensure that you understand the rights and limitations of your enterprise before you embark on signing the policy. Check with your insurance agent on the provisions of the policy in terms of the differences in accidents and emergencies. It is, therefore, important for you to understand what it is that you are buying before signing the policy.

Consider the Competence of Your Drivers

Your employees are the heartbeat of your enterprise. You, therefore, need to consider the suitability and competence of your drivers when it comes to logging truck insurance. Many good policies will demand you to prove that your enterprise has evaluated all the eligible employees and assure them that they are not susceptible to drug abuse, violence, or anything that could impair their judgment when they are on the road with your trucks.

Accordingly, you are required to provide proper training for your drivers in order for you to increase your chances of acquiring the most comprehensive log truck insurance coverage. Most logging insurance companies that have good policies to offer are reluctant to engage with businesses that do not have properly trained and experience drivers.

Final Verdict

It is better to be safe than sorry. Nowhere else does this maxim holds true than for your log truck company! You need not take logging truck insurance as a casual requirement of the law. The logging insurance policies are actually here to cushion your business from imminent damages in case of accidents and emergencies.

However, you need to be on the lookout for the best insurance cover that will cater for your business interests in the best way possible. With many companies providing log truck insurance, not all of them will give you what you need when an accident occurs. Make the five points highlighted above your checklist and you will save yourself thousands of dollars and hours of headache when shopping for the best insurance cover available.