Manufactured houses are otherwise called mobile homes. They adopt this name because they can be moved to different locations by way of wheels that are attached to the structure. These houses are built in varying sizes and the size of the vehicle is important when considering how to transport a house on a tractor trailer. The movable houses also have varieties in characteristics. These include precut residences, panelized houses and modular homes. Other things to think about when deciding on how to transport a house on a tractor trailer include:

• Insurance
• Fees and Notifications
• Interior
• Exterior
• Skirting
• Utilities

Maybe the first thing to look at when moving your house is whether or not the company that is transporting it has insurance. Ensure that all necessary charges are paid. There is even an option to get transport insurance only when you decide to move the house. This does not require a lot of cash. To make sure that the move is trouble-free, the driver of the tractor trailer should be given clear directions to the site as well as the route to take to get there. In addition, it is important that the location where the house will be placed is previously and adequately prepared.

In addition to getting information on how to transport a house on a tractor trailer, the owner should ensure that there is no unnecessary expense regarding failure to adequately end the lease of the home park for the mobile house. There is a typical 30-day notice required before the house should be removed. Other things to check for are city fees and transport permits. Find out the rules that the park has concerning the transportation method to be used and time frame in which the owner can remove the home.

The interior contents of the mobile home which can become dislodged and damaged while moving the home should be secured prior to the move. Lighting fixtures made of glass should be removed before transporting begins. The tops of the toilet tanks and doors of all medicine cabinets, showers and closets must also be securely fastened. To ease the weight in the moving process, it is advised that you remove as much of the furnishings on the inside as possible.

Only qualified and experienced movers should be allowed to complete the requirements for moving the mobile home. These include detaching it from the attachments in the ground, jacking it and attaching transport tongue, wheels and axles. Porch lighting, satellite dishes and any other exterior fittings that may not hold up in high winds should be removed before the house is transported. Screw the doors shut to avoid them opening while the move is in progress. Reinforce or refasten any weak or loose siding to prevent them coming off with the wind force.

The skirting products of the mobile home are designed to protect the home from certain animals such as rodents and the likely damage caused by them. Some are decorative as well as functional and available in several styles. These skirting also hide the support columns and the chassis of the mobile home. These can be removed easily and care should be taken to ensure no damage is done to the track that secures it to the house.

There’s a lot more to know and do than simply finding out how to transport a house on a tractor trailer. For instance, electric companies and other utility providers should be notified of the move and the owner should work with them to have the utility shut off. If you are not certain how to disconnect the utilities yourself, it is best to hire qualified persons to adequately do the job.