How Much Does Wide Load Shipping Cost?

Depending on the industry you work in, you may require large goods to be shipped across the country. This is common if you’re a construction company and need a number of heavy diggers transported from one place to the other. Of course, this kind of shipping is a little different than regular shipping, primarily because the insurance is greater, as well as the price.

As with all shipping costs, the price is going to vary depending on the circumstances and the load you need to be shipped. This article will help you identify the general costs of wide load shipping and just how much you may have folk out if you need a large item shipped.

What Constitutes as a Wide Load?

What considers to be a “wide load” varies depending on the state. However, in general, in the US a wide load is considered to be at least 8’6” in width. Because there is so much variation in the wide and oversized load industry it can be tricky finding the right price and company. However, knowing the legal limits is the first step and one you need to be familiar with.

How Much Does Wide Load Shipping Cost?

So how much does it actually cost? Well, actually, that question is a little difficult to answer. This is because there is no right answer. The price of wide load shipping can vary significantly between companies, as well as seasons. Through some times in the year it is very difficult to get a wide load or oversized trucks and this, as a result, can ramp up the price. In addition, you also have the distance to figure out as well. If you want some construction goods transported from Portland to Kansas, it could cost you anywhere from $700 – $3000. The variation is enormous and it really requires you to do some searching and research.

What Can Affect the Price?

I have already mentioned a few things that could affect the price of your wide loading shipping, such as mileage and season. However, there are a few more “wide load specific factors” that you may have to take into account. Here are a few below.


If the shipment is particularly wide, your shipment may require an escort. This is also a State-specific factor because some states have different rules and regulations. For a lot of companies, they will include the variable per-mile rates as well as hotels and all the jazz in with the shipping costs. However, always ask the company first.

Escorts are there when the load is usually wider than 12’ and alert the driver when there is a hazard in front. They also help when it comes to public cars, alerting them that there is a wide load on the road.

There are More Costs and Considerations during Transport

As well as shipping and escort rates, you will also have rates to pay for permits in each state the load travels through. In addition, many states also restrict wide loads to travel at certain times, sometimes only 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after. Some wide loads are not allowed to travel during holiday periods as well. All this will raise the price and the time schedule.


The cost of a wide load can vary enormously and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration before you choose a shipping company. You should search around and get reasonable quotes from different providers. Finding out whether you will need an escort is important and find out what states you’ll be traveling through so you can get permit costs and schedules times.